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Your support of Kandelia directly impacts immigrant and refugee youth and families. By making a donation, you ensure that we can continue to remove barriers by:

  • Providing youth and family centered services reaching more than 600 individuals each year
  • Ensuring our youth, family and community engagement programs will be sustainable and will continue to improve in quality
  • Investing in our community-of-color-led organization, staff and board members to develop their voice, skills and leadership
  • Creating a model of effective community engagement to engage and educate our supporters, peers and partners

Show your support with a donation today. Find our donation button below.

You can also donate via check by mail at: Kandelia 3703 S Edmunds St #191 Seattle, WA 98118. For other donation options, please email Aissa at Kandelia’s tax ID is 91-1122532



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    The most important thing is that they love us like family. It doesn’t matter where we come from or
    who we are. They don’t see that. They treat us all incredibly well and they are great, unique people.

    Luis Madrazo

    Your support can make all the difference

    3829B S Edmunds St Box 9
    Seattle, WA 98118
    Tax ID: 911122532

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