November 3rd and After

November 4th, 2020

To our Kandelia community:


We know that this is a time of great uncertainty and anxiety for everyone but particularly for those we serve: immigrant and refugee youth and their families.


Now that we have done everything we can as individuals to ensure our voice (and every voice) is heard through our political system, know that your voice shapes our community at Kandelia. The trepidation we all feel right now about unprecedented challenges we cannot fully control, the ground shifting beneath our feet, reminds us that immigrants and refugees fight this uncertainty every day. We, together, find moral clarity and solidarity in our commitment to protect the newest members of our society and our nation, to ensure that they have solid ground under their feet and can prosper.


Our team’s lived experience and long history of service always bring us back to our mission, which drives our work each day and is more important than ever:


We remove barriers to opportunities so immigrant and refugee communities can flourish without compromising values, heritage or ethnicity.icity.



We have begun our fall programming at Seattle World School, engaging students (mostly virtually) who will have the academic, cultural, artistic, and athletic opportunities that other students might take for granted. We know that these students’ American stories will be long and rich and that they will thrive as they author these stories in more fortunate times to come. We are honored to support and empower young people of color and their families as they weather the storms to come and emerge better and braver, their voices undeniable and always strong within our Kandelia community.


Thank you for being a part of our unique community and for adding your voice to our vision of a better society and a better future.



Yours in service and in community,

David Song
Executive Director





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The most important thing is that they love us like family. It doesn’t matter where we come from or
who we are. They don’t see that. They treat us all incredibly well and they are great, unique people.

Luis Madrazo

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