fo To our black community, we know you are carrying deep pain and have been brutalized by a system that has failed to serve and protect you for far too long. Kandelia stands in solidarity with you. We believe Black Lives Matter.


We are saddened and feel tremendously hurt by the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others whose names remain untold. Our black, indigenous, and people of color have been and continue to be disproportionately impacted not only by the global health crisis but the pandemic of anti-black racism, which has shined a brighter light on the systemic and institutional racism deeply embedded in our country. We are witnessing a response to centuries of racism and oppression that continue to be willfully ignored and perpetuated. We must ask ourselves what is needed to promote racial justice.


To start, that requires we affirm the immediate demands laid out by Black Lives Matter Seattle/King County in their op-ed published in the South Seattle Emerald

  • that the City of Seattle rescind its motion asking to end the consent decree
  • that the Mayor of Seattle end the use of curfews
  • that all law enforcement at demonstrations turn on their body cams and leave them on throughout the entirety of their shift
  • that the City of Seattle establish a de-escalation team
  • that the Seattle City Council, the state legislature, and Congress all consider efforts to decrease funding for police and instead increase funding for health and social services.


This must all be done in the defense of black lives now. 


Racial justice isn’t only about the now though. We are committed to standing in unity with our black community, youth, and families, and all those demanding racial justice today and every day. We are committed to empowering our young people in South Seattle and throughout our region so they may do the same. Join us in lifting our voices for Black Lives Matter and for our liberation. We are not free until we are all free.


Please visit for links to more than 150 Black-owned businesses or consider donating to any or all of the organizations at


In Solidarity,

Kandelia Staff & Board


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